Hi, I am creative graphic designer, who provides visual solutions to clients from Corporate to Animation studios. I believe in making world beautiful with precise typography, layout and colors.

I am passionate about creating illusion of life for 2d and 3d animation projects. I work on creating believable characters on screen.

 Career Highlights : 

  • My first job was with Flash animation studio- Animation Dimensions Ltd,India.
    I worked as editor and Junior flash animator. Project was Canadian animated tv series – “Growing up with creepie” which was broadcast on Discovery kids, Canada.
  • I worked as 3d animator on freelance animation project with Frogtale studio, Malaysia. Project was Malaysian animated tv series – “ Pinocchio”
  • I worked as Graphics designer with Indian Hair & Beauty magazine “Stylespeak" for 4 years
Extra activities :
  • I am contributer photographer on Shutterstock and Dreamstime.
  • I am independent researcher of ancient Indian temples. I am currently working on book about the ancient temple architecture.
  • I play chess, whenever I get free time
Career goal:
I am looking for interesting and creative projects from companies, across the globe.