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Mumbai, India

Place: Mumbai, India

Camera- Pentax Xg -1

Camera settings used – f2.8, Shutter speed – 20 seconds, ISO- 1600

For me, Star gazing is more than just looking at the star. It is about slowing down from pace of life and looking up to much bigger and important part of life. On earth, we think,we human controls everything. Night sky with stars tells different story. Dots we see up in the night sky as stars , Astronomy tells us that, earth is even smaller than those dots. As one learns more about astronomy, questions come in mind -Who controls movements of the planets and stars? Science will give hundred answers behind movement of planets. But one thing science will agree clearly that, there is energy that moves solid mass like earth. Then question arises who created such energy? Big bang? Who did that? Things just don’t happen as their own? Can rock on the road move by itself?  Human didn’t make big bang happen. Its beyond our reach. And still we think,we control everything? What we call as science, is nothing but exploring all aspects of nature which is created and run by unknown. Universe is infinite and expanding. But still there is consistency such as spiral galaxies, birth and death of stars, planets moving around stars. Consistency can only be created by planning. It doesn’t happen automatically. eg. Similar kind of buildings can be created by planning their blueprints accordingly. So how is it possible to have consistency in the universe, without someone’s planning?Not just in Universes, but inside every living being,there are systems that are continuously working without that being’s control. On earth we see life supporting systems such as rain cycle, soil support for trees etc. Inside human being, heart continuously beat, breathing happens without human intervention. At the end, all the systems from living being to universes, are run by unknown in perfect way. Has earth stopped due to some mechanical error? Its hard to imagine if trees start taking oxygen and giving carbon dioxide. Everything in universes are governed and run by unknown perfectly. One may call it as god, other may call it as nature.What we can observe is how the system works,which we call it as a science.  For me, star gazing is about learning about the creations of that unknown.
Following are the photos of constellations clicked during my recent star gazing trips.

In this photo, it is interesting to see 6 constellations near to each other. Orion constellation helps to identify other constellations.
In above image, Right side indicates orion view in the night sky. Left side shows lines that make orion constellation.
In above image, right side shows constellations without indicating lines.Polaris star or Dhruv tara is starting point of star gazing. It is the star around which all the planets and constellations move in night sky. But it appears to remain fix at same position throughout the night.
In above image, right side shows constellations without indicating lines.Ursa Major includes Sapatarishi constellations. Second last star of Sapatarishi looks as one star, but there are actually two stars – Arundhati and Vasishta. In above image, it is shown with zoom view in circle.Ursa minor constellation includes polaris star.
Venus is a planet but it shines as it is near to the sun. It either appears at sunset or before sunrise. It is easy to identify, as it appears brightest and bigger in size than any other object in the night sky.
Closer look of Venus
Canis minor can be identified by finding Gemini constellation in the night sky.
Sirius or Vyadh is the brightest star in the night sky. It can be found with the straight orientation with orion’s belt.

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