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The concept of ‘ Hook up’ is common in animation production. It is something that animator must be aware, while animating a scene. Otherwise,the whole efforts of animator will go waste, if animator doesn’t take care of hook up of scenes.

What is Hook-up?

The meaning hook-up is to make or maintain connection between two. When it comes to animation, it generally means maintaining connection of two scenes. In production environment, different scenes are assigned to different animators. So there is need to maintain link of subsequent scene in terms of animation.

eg. A bird character in scene 05, is sitting on tree,suddently lifts and fly in the sky. So In scene 06, bird character if shown sitting at branch of tree,will be wrong. It must be shown flying in the sky. That is called hook -up of two scenes.

Another example is In scene 08, A boy walks in the room and sits on the chair. In scene 09, A boy stands from sitting position at the chair and walk towards the phone. Here In scene 09, if a boy is shown sitting on the bed, instead of sitting on chair, then there will be hook-up problem. In that case, An animation director will either send scene back to the animator or will assign the same scene to other animator.

How to maintain Hook-up of scenes, if next scene is assigned to different animator?

eg. scene 05 is assigned to animator A and scene 06 is assigned to animator B. So Animator B has no clue about the initial position of the character. In that case, Animator B can refer to either animatic or storyboard and see the illustration.

Generally its good practice, to refer to animatic and storyboard thorough out the animation process, to avoid any hook up issues in the scene.


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