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When animator gets the scene for animation, he gets the character, dialogue file and storyboard. His job is to animate character as per dialogue sound and storyboard. Success of animation depends on how much believable character appears. For that movement of characters has to be natural, in order to connect with audience. Use of hand gestures play major role in day to day communication. Similar way it needs to reflect in animation.

For example, character is saying ‘ I like that’

Here is  How a character using sign language will say ( Below image)

He will use gestures to express each and every word, because the requirement of using sign language. In day to day communication, People who can hear, dont show gestures at each and every world they speak. They dont have to.

Generally, our body speaks even when we dont say anything. It expresses our moods,thoughts and feelings. When a person speaks to other, generally there are few important words that he/she wants to emphasize. So only for those important words, person uses gestures. The effect of using gestures is , other person remembers that important word where a person has used gestures.

So for animating a character , animator must avoid using hand gestures for each and every world. Instead other body parts can be used to communicate rest of the conversation.Hands can be used where character wants to make important point.

So character can use his head for saying – ” I like” and then use his hand to point out what he likes, saying  “that”.

While animating a character, even eyeblink may express lot of meaning.So animator can consider eyes,facial expressions, hands,upper body,legs of the character as a medium to communicate emotion,and hence can use them to express character’s personality. But things to remember here,is not all the body parts communicate at the same time. Here good idea is to use one of the animation principle ie overlapping action. Overlapping action means action where  everything moves at different speeds and at different times. Here, Viewer knows where to look at as only one part of body is moving at one time. It helps to create appealing  and believable animation performance.

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