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Flipbook animation is a basic animation, yet it shows importance of creating pose in animation. If one page of flipbook, doesnt have drawing, then there will be discontinuity in animation. Poses are like bricks in the building of animation. Each pose is an important and to be placed properly.

There are few points to be considered while posing a character for animation

  1. Natural pose – The idea of creating believable characters on screen will only come true, if character stands,walks and acts in natural way. What is natural way? For that one can observe real world, how people acts. Its best practice to watch people at public places and draw their pose in the sketchbook. Later while animating, such sketchbook will come in handy for picking right pose for the character.

Other way to create natural pose is record yourself in front of camera and use that as a reference while creating a pose for the character. Sometimes in case of sci fiction story, it mayn’t be possible for animators to act and record. In that case, animator can draw rough poses on paper with his imagination and show animation director for getting approval.

2. Symmetry in action – If both the hands are using same thing at the same time, at same level, then it is called ‘ Symmetry in action’ Such action looks boring and unnatural. In real world, rarely people do action in accurate symmetry. Hence while animating the character, there can be delay of one hand in order to break the symmetry of action.

3. Readablility – Action must be readable in silhouette, then only it will be clear to the audience. eg. If a character is saying something using hand gestures towards the camera in the front, then his hand gestures must be at his side.

4.Line of action – In real life, people move and act in curves than straight line. So Line of action is an imaginary line, which expresses the action of the character. Its good idea to have it as a curve.

6. Balance– In real world, whether its small insect or human being, every living being maintains its balance against the surrounding. In animation, each pose must maintain its weight properly.

7. Communication – When a person is still in real world, still it’s body communicates, that is called body language of a person. Each pose of a character must communicate character’s thoughts,feelings and personality traits mentioned in the storyboard.


Post Author: mohakg