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Selecting a precise font is essential for any design project such as power point presentation, Brochure design or Invitation card.

Whenever there is need to select font, it becomes necessary to see preview font clearly. Most of the applications such as word, Indesign and photoshop, show preview of font in very small size. It becomes tedious to hover over each and every font, especially when you have more than 100 fonts in the system. Again whatever preview is seen, is too small to perceive.

I had been facing these problem for years until i came across two easy ways to see preview of fonts in large sizes. In this blog, I will be happy to share that with you. Following are those two ways –

  1. Using Font viewer software
  2. Using website


  1. Using Font viewer software – Font viewer is free software available online at After installing this software, it shows preview of all the system fonts.

It shows complete font family preview at once, for all the fonts in the system. That makes it easy to select suitable font. It has various options such as to type text for preview,where one can insert text for preview. In order to see font in larger size, there is option to change font size. One can also see the font with different background color.

Font viewer is great tool for choosing correct font for the project. Its easy to use and gives preview of all the fonts in larger size.

2. Using website –  If one has access to the internet, then visiting website will help to select the suitable font for the project. It is super easy to use and there is no registration required to use the website.

At first, one has to enter a word for preview.

After entering the text, then it shows preview of all the fonts installed in your machine. Alternatively there is also option to see preview of google fonts which are widely used for website development.

If you like particular font then you can click on that font. After clicking it shows options ‘ Filter selected’. Once you click filter selected, it will temporarily isolate that particular font and will show you with more options.

First option is to see preview with black background.

Second and third options are to decrease or increase font size. Forth option is to tag this preview. Fifth option is to print this image of preview and last option is to download this preview image, in case you want to share that with other person.

In case there is requirement to select more than one font for the project, then it is possible with the help of control key. One can select multiple fonts at the same time by control click on the fonts,and then by clicking  ‘filter selected.’ Then it will show all the selected fonts.

I found wordmark website very useful, as it has additional option to zoom particular font. In that way, font is visible full screen size and it is possible to see the shape of the font clearly.

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