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When it comes to design project, one of the main factor to select color. Color will depend on preference of client or selection by designer. All the graphics applications include panel that shows list of colors. But their preview is not large enough to know exact shade. One can only learn about color after applying to particular object.

Here comes the adobe color cc, which is online tool to decide color theme for the project. It is available at is free and requires registration to access its options.

Its interface has 3 main options – Create, Explore and My themes.

In order to select colors for the project, one can either create new color theme or explore existing color themes saved by other members.

For example, Project is about logo for pizza shop. Then in Explore section, one can type ‘ Pizza logo’ and it will show list of colors that will match with the search.

Next is Create section. Here there are several color harmonies available to start with. Alternatively one can create their own color scheme by using custom option.

After finishing the color creation, one can then save color theme. It will open new screen which will have option to download this color theme as ASE file.

After downloading ASE file,next step will be to import that color theme in any adobe graphics application such as Indesign or photoshop.

Here I have imported inside Indesign software, but it can also be imported in other adobe applications.

After importing the color theme, it will come under swatches panel and will show all the colors from the color theme.

Additionally there is also option at adobe color, to import image. After importing the image, it will automatically create color theme based on the colors included in the image.

In case of corel draw software, one has to import saved color theme in illustrator. Then same Illustrator file can be opened in corel draw.

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