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In design projects, there may be need to give emphasis on some of the items ie text or vectors. Such specific areas can be printed with different color to pop up from rest of the design. In that case, spot uv printing is used.

Spot Uv printing is although job of printing press, Designer needs to give artwork in specific way in order to carry out spot up printing. In this article, we will see how to prepare artwork for spot uv printing.

What is spot UV?

It is coating technique, available to enhance the looks of printing products. UV coating can be applied to achieve either a lightly glossy appearance or a high-gloss shine in particular area. Spot UV offers the best contrast when applied over a darker background. Because of its distinctive feature, it is often used as promotional element in the design.

For example, there is text ‘ The 12th anniversary issue’ , here magazine wants to promotes “The 12th” and ” issue ” words. To achieve that, spot uv coating will be used in golden color.

To apply spot uv coating , printing press will need additional input from the designer.There will be two files – Main artwork and Spot Uv .

Spot Uv file must include only those areas, where uv coating will be applied. In this example, words apart from ‘Anniversary’ will be included in spot uv file,in 100% black color.

All the text must be converted to outlines or shapes and can be sent to press in pdf or illustrator or cdr format.

Spot uv which is also known as ‘foil’, comes in various color options including golden and silver color. Surface appears smooth where spot uv is applied. Cost of the printing increases in case of foil coating. It makes the design or product appealing and attracts the attention of the viewer towards foil area

To create spot uv artwork, it is best to use vector program such as Illustrator or corel draw. Indesign also can be used for the same. It is best to first consult with printing press regarding their requirements about spot uv artwork. Steps to create spot uv artwork are follows –

  1. Select those areas where you want foil
  2. Copy that, on other file
  3. Convert all to shapes
  4. Apply 100% black color
  5. Save it as pdf or source file – ai/cdr
  6. Send those to printing press and tell them which color you want as foil.






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