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While starting to work on any design project, first things come in mind about which software to use? Software is something that not only helps but also makes the artwork as desired. Choice of software depends on two things –

1. Which software you know well.

2. Which software is meant to do design, you want to make.

In this article, we will discuss about the functions of major design softwares. So when times come to select one,it will be easy to decide which one is suitable for the project.

  1. Adobe Photoshop – It is pixel based software meant to do image editing. It comes with the tools to examine the image, enhance the image, manipulate and mix images. It is preferred software by photographers, and designers for editing images. It includes creative brushes ,filters to change the look of the image in distinctive way. Apart from image editing, Photoshop is also used for creating advertisements,posters, visiting cards,website design,web banner,matte painting.

2. Adobe Illustrator – It is vector based software meant to do illustrations. It has tools to draw digitally. It is useful in creating 2d character designs, 2d drawings, icons,logo design,Label design,posters,creative illustrations. It has libraries of symbols,graphic styles,brushes. Diagrams and info graphics also can be created in Illustrator.

   3. Adobe Indesign – It is useful for doing any type of page publications such as magazines,brochures,ebooks,books. Indesign have advanced options to handle typography and pages. It can also be used to create letterheads,Business cards,Brochures, Product catalogs,Advertisements, Interactive ebooks,Flyers.

4.  Adobe Animate – As t he name suggest, Adobe animate ( previously known as ‘Flash’), is an 2d animation software. It has options to create 2d drawings and animations. It is used for creating 2d animations for film,television and web. It is also used to create website banners,animated gifs,logo animation,website intros.It is widely used in e-learning industry.

5. Corel Draw- Corel draw is vector based software. It has options for creating vector drawings as well as for creating pages and typography. Corel draw is used for creating illustrations,brochures,product catalogs,ebooks,logo designs,business cards.

6. Adobe After effects – It is video editing and vfx software. It has options to edit and change the look of videos. It has special filters that are used to add visual effects and mix videos. It is used for creating motion graphics,visual effects,video editing,title animations.

7. Adobe Dreamweaver – It has options to create website design and also to write css code. It is mainly used for creating websites as it supports coding such as html,css,php,javascript,xml. It has options to see preview of websites, to upload website on ftp server. It is also widely used for creating wordpress websites.

8. Wonder unit Storyboarder – It is mainly dedicated for creating storyboards for any video production. It has tools for drawing and playing videos. It is free software. It has options to export as animated gifs, Premiere, Final Cut, Avid, PDF.


There are many other softwares dedicated for vector illustrations, image editing,typography, animation and storyboarding. For designer its challenge to stay updated with new software, as well as changes in existing known software. Still, all the softwares has common aspects, that makes it easy to understand the interface.

Each graphics software has –

  1. Menu consisting of options to edit objects and images,view and open windows
  2. Toolbox
  3. Panels with additional options
  4. Options for creating,editing,managing documents and margins.
  5. Color palette and options to add colors
  6. Options to add and change fonts
  7. If its video/animation software then playback options
  8. Vfx/filters
  9. Pen tool
  10. Import and export options
  11. Libraries



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